GaliaTech Consulting

Galiatech is an IT company located in Colombia.  They specialize in consulting and implementation of software. Their customers include national banks, the government and the finance sector.

Galiatech focuses on offering demos from a commercial perspective and technical functionality. Because of the nature of their solutions, they needed marketing materials that accurately explain the products and services they offer, in a simple, easy-to-consume manner.

We created necessary content materials for the company to for their corporate events and presentations. All the content contributed to a better understanding of their solutions and services. The brand is continuously delivering their voice and purpose through all the marketing resources.

Finally, we also helped them execute on different paid campaigns such as in the Colombian IT magazine "GDC" shown below. Galiatech and Noetic Marketer continue to work together on different content and branding materials, as well to help them execute customer-acquisition campaigns.

Services Provided:

  • Creative Design
  • Paid Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design



Andres Tovar